X3CrNiMo13-4, 1.4313 – Stainless steel

X3CrNiMo13-4, 1.4313 – stainless steel with very good mechanical properties. It is characterized by good toughness in the tempered state. The material can be used in the temperature range from -60°C to 300°C. 1.4323 steel has medium corrosion resistance and machinability, poor weldability and is easy to polish. This material can be welded using arc welding. Thanks to its good mechanical properties, the X3CrNiMo13-4, 1.4313 material is used in chemical and petrochemical industries, engineering industry, pump industry and turbine wheels. Material 1.4313 is also used in power engineering in the valve construction. Use for instance valves, vanes, turbine blades, pump covers etc.

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