51CrV4, 50CrV4, 1.8159, ~15260 – Spring steel

51CrV4, 50CrV4, 1.8159, ~15260 – high-strength, hardenable spring steel, suitable for tempering. Torsion and bending resistant. The combination of its high strength (wear resistance) and its toughness predestines it for the use in components of highly stressed machines and machine units. Other use of this material can be found in products such as springs, fixed wrenches, chisels, industrial sheers, torsion bars, double-wing wrenches etc. The material acquires its specific properties through tempering (hardened and tempered). Such processing is, however, demanding and a precise adherence to the temperature curves while tempering is essential for the resulting characteristics of the product’s material. For this reason, careful technological preparation is important.

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including non-ferrous structural steels 11 700 (-St 70-2 G, -WNr.1.0070)
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