31CrMoV9, 30CrMoV9, 1.7707, 1.8519, 15330 – Nitriding steel

31CrMoV9, ~30CrMoV9, 1.7707, ~1.8519, ~15330, ~15241 – Nitriding steel is CrMoV alloyed nitriding steel used mainly in automotive industry and in mechanical components in general, due to its high wear resistance. Properties: high wear resistance, high pressure resistance, heat treatable, highly hardenable on the surface, difficult to weld. For this reason, it should not be used in welded constructions.

31CrMoV9, 1.8519, ~15330 material is directly comparable with the 30CrMoV9, 1.7707, 823M30, ~15241 hardly hardenable, nitriding steel (after nitriding, the surface hardness of up to 800 HV can be achieved) and it is its possible equivalent.

Round bars of 31CrMoV9, 1.8519, ~15330, d 20 mm – d 300 mm material on stock, other dimensions on request.

Round bars and other dimensions of 30CrMoV9, 1.7707, 823M30, ~15241 material on request.

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