100Cr6, 1.3505, 1.2067, A295, 14109, 14100, SHKH15 – Bearing steel

100Cr6, 1.3505, 1.2067, A295, 14109, 14100, SHKH15, ШХ15 – bearing, high carbon, low-alloy steel with the addition of chromium used in the manufacturing of rolling bearings.
After hardening, this material is characterized by high hardness and wear resistance. It also provides a long-term durability. It also has high resistance to pressure and abrasion thanks to its high hardness of 60-67Rockwell hardness (Rc). It is used in abrasion-stressed car components (such as brakes, steering, shafts, etc.). It is also used in stirrers, sliders, quick couplings, machine-tools, locking mechanisms, conveyor belts, skates, pens, pumps, measuring instruments, valves, etc. D 20 mm – d 300 mm rolled bars on order.

The equivalents of 100Cr6 quality are classes 100CrMo7, 1.3537 and 100CrMo7-3, 1.3536.
These are high-purity steels with very high hardness and further increased resistance to pressure and abrasion. The material contains a higher molybdenum content and can be hardened to a higher hardness. Compared to 100Cr6, they are used in components with much larger cross-sections.

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