P250GH, P245GH, A105, 1.0460, C22.8, 12024 – Boiler steel

P250GH, ~P245GH, A105, 1.0460, C22.8, 12024 – Boiler steel. Unalloyed high-grade steel for higher temperatures, steam boilers, pressure vessels, flat products. Perlitic and martensitic steel with defined properties at an increased temperature. For the welded pressure vessel components working at increased temperatures, forgings for pressure vessels and equipment. The steel is weldable. Round rolled bars d 16 mm – d 300 in stock, smaller dimensions and forged bars up to d 1,100 mm to order.

of metallurgical materials
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including non-ferrous structural steels 11 700 (-St 70-2 G, -WNr.1.0070)
20 years
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