A350 LF2, 1.0570, P355QH1, P355NH, 1.0566, 11503 – Carbon steel

A350 LF2, 1.0570, P355QH1, P355NH, 1.0566, 11503 – carbon steel, low-alloy steel designed primarily for use at low temperatures. This material is divided into two other classes: Class 1 (minimum usable temperature -46°C) and Class 2 (minimum usable temperature 0°C). The minimum usable temperatures are also the standard temperatures in the notched toughness test, which is often required when using this material. The material is characterized by medium tensile strength and high toughness. It is widely used for the production of flanges, fittings and other components of equipment that are operated at low temperatures, where corrosion resistance is not required. D 20 mm – d 300 mm in stock to order.

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